7 Cats Having Hilarious Human Thoughts

How can we do our jobs when there’s so many hilarious cats on the Internet? One minute I was looking at emails from a client and the next there were all kinds of kitties at the screen. Well, at least I’ve got some good pictures to share with you.

1. “I don’t want to die. Not like this!!!”


2. “WTF is the alphabet doing in the middle of those Math problems?”


3. “I wish my wife would have bought me milk instead of beer.” N9ef4xz

4. “Please don’t post that on Instagram, my owners think I’m home”


5. “Pancackes again human? Seriously?”


6. “I really need to study but I can’t stop thinking about that pidgeon outside”


7. “I can’t believe Jon Whiskers died on Game of Purrs!!!”



Source: Reddit



  1. LOL, I love cats!!! The face of cat number 2 is just priceless. Another caption could be:
    “Wait is he talking some dark forces language here cause I don’t understand one single word he is saying maybe because I am just chattering inside my head again OH GOD how am I supposed to learn this for that damn test MAYBE IF I SIT THERE LOOKING CUTE HE WILL GIVE ME AN A”

    Lol just kidding (but I would give this cat an A, though, even when he’s not able to use punctuation properly, as you all can see). All pictures are great and their captions are so accurate!


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