Article by: Diogo Martins

Before I start, I would just like to say that I’ve had a rough week regarding my sleep. It’s, shall I say, fairly lacking. And this is, really, just my opinion and my… lack of connection with this series.

So, this being said, let me just tell you what I think, and please, if you would like to comment and start a discussion on something I may bring up that is not substantiated, feel free to do so. I would really like to hear the counter points to some of my subjective and personal opinions.

Because that’s all they are. Opinions!

Please, enjoy!


The sixth season of Game of Thrones has just begun. As usual, the hype surrounding such a monumental happening was just as big as the quality and work poured into this series.

Because it is, for all intents and purposes, a very well made, written and acted series, apart from the actress that plays the Girl Who Can’t Emote But Is Kind Of Hot And Has Dragons And Shit – she is just one of the actresses that has the least capability to act that I’ve ever seen (she’s Kristen Stewart, basically. But worse, somehow). Its scope is, frankly, way too big for my taste. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – my favourite game is The Witcher 3 – and, if made well, can have an all-encompassing, all the more enjoyable and gratifying payoff – like The Witcher 3 and even The Lord of the Rings.

I know that this particular series is a special case, as it is being written by the creator and adapted for television at the same time, having in fact caught the source material in this season. And I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know if there is filler, and if there is, how much of it is there, so I won’t tackle it by that side, or at least try.

Having said that, the biggest gripe I have with this show is, in fact, the vast amount of plots, characters, events and deaths.

Not that I can’t keep up, it’s just too much for me, a casual viewer. And like I said, I don’t hate the show, or dislike it. I wouldn’t say that I can’t miss an episode, nor will I say that nobody will ever catch me viewing one. I simply enjoy the show for what it is, in my opinion: good entertainment.

Case in point: I just saw the episode, like I said in the beginning, and, apart from the obvious plot points, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS HAPPENING – I’m not shouting, just making it clearer, somehow.


I barely knew the f-ing names (as usual) of even the not so minor characters, like the ones from the Wall That Trump Built For Them Mexicans. I was constantly asking:

Who are you? And him?

No male genitalia? What?!

Where are you going?

Donde está la biblioteca?

I feel I have to say this as well.

I am, obviously, caught up on the story, and in fact, finished the fifth season somewhere around the end of November. So, either my memory is playing “Where’s The Alzheimer?” with me, which can be true, or the show just isn’t catching my attention at all. And I feel like the latter is more possible, and no, I don’t have a photographic memory, but I’m not drunk or stoned since that time!

At least, I think I’m not. (Hans Zimmer with the boom, imagine it)

Anyway, this pointless, but hopefully entertaining ramble has rustled your jimmies for long enough. And I do hope you enjoyed reading it. I could say more, but, as usual, I write from the top of my head and it may not be wise to write too much, because winter is coming, I know nothing and my sleep always pays its debts. (Sorry for the cringe!)