With the end of the season right around the corner, we’ll give you all the information you need about the top 5 European leagues (according to UEFA).

Spain, La Liga


Race Title – With 3 losses in the last 5 league games, Barcelona jeopardized their chances at the title. Everything was looking good for Luis Enrique’s team but now they have strong competition and La Liga will likely be decided in the last fixture.

  • Barcelona – 82 points
  • Atl. Madrid – 82 points
  • Real Madrid – 81 points

Our Prediction – Barcelona. With no Champions League games during the week, Barcelona will surely bet everything in La Liga and will very likely win every game left.


Relegation Zone – With 3 games left, Levante is the closest team to get relegated. And we don’t think they will be able to get out of the relegation zone. Then we have 5 teams (Getafe, Gijon, Granada, Vallecano and Espanyol) fighting for their lives. It will be an interesting end of season for these teams.

Our Prediction – Levante, Getafe and Granada

Top Scorers

  • Luis Suárez – 34 goals
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 31 goals
  • Lionel Messi – 25 goals


Germany, Bundesliga


Race Title – Dortmund had a great run. They managed to give Bayern a good fight but it won’t be enough. Bayern München was stronger and never seemed that they wouldn’t win Bundesliga. With a win next game against Monchengladbach, Bayern will win the league.

  • Bayern – 81 points
  • Dortmund – 74 points

Our Prediction: Bayern München.

Relegation Zone – With Hannover already down, the battle for salvation will be between 6 teams (Frankfurt, Bremen, Stuttgart, Hoffenheim, Darmstadt and Ausburg). The difference in Bundesliga is that the 16th position gives the team another chance to stay at the top. That team has to play a playoff against the 3rd place of Bundesliga 2.

Our Prediction – Hannover and Frankfurt. Playoff: Stuttgart

Top Scorers

  • Lewandowski – 27 goals
  • Aubameyang – 23 goals
  • Müller – 19 goals

England, Premier League


Race Title – Like in Germany, the Premier League is 1 game away for the League leader. But unlike Germany, and pretty much everywhere, the league is about to be won by the biggest underdog ever: Leicester City. With Tottenham drawing last game, Leicester can become the champion of Premier League for the first time, and they can do it on Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams. What a story!

  • Leicester City – 76 points
  • Tottenham – 69 points

Our Prediction – Leicester City. The dream is about to become reality.

Relegation Zone – An historical team is already down (Aston Villa). Another historical team is close to have the same faith (Newcastle). Newcastle, Norwich and Sunderland are chasing the one spot that will save them. The other two spots will lead them straight to relegation. Every game is going to be like a final to them and every point will count.

Our Prediction – Aston Villa, Norwich and Sunderland. Newcastle seems to have an easier calendar.

Top Scorers

  • Harry Kane – 24 goals
  • Sergio Aguero – 23 goals
  • Jamie Vardy – 22 goals

Italy, Serie A

Juventus FC v AS Roma - Serie A


Race Title – Was it even a race? Italy is the only top 5 European League already with a champion. Juventus didn’t need much to become the champion. Again. And we don’t think next year will be any different.

  • Juventus – 85 points

Relegation Zone – Yeah, Serie A has seen better days. Even at the bottom part of the table everything looks pretty much decided already. Verona has been relegated already, Frosinone is getting there and the other spot will go to Palermo or Carpi

Our Prediction – Verona, Frosinone and Carpi.

Top Scorers

  • Higuaín – 30 goals
  • Paulo Dybala – 16 goals
  • Carlos Bacca – 15 goals

Portugal, Liga NOS

Benfica vs Moreirense

Race Title – With Porto out of the race with a disappointing season, Benfica and Sporting are competing to win the league. With a slow start in the season, Benfica has been climbing the table and is now 2 points in front of Sporting.

  • Benfica – 79 points
  • Sporting – 77 points

Our Prediction – Benfica. With away games against Porto and Braga, Sporting doesn’t seem to have what it takes to beat Benfica. And we don’t think Benfica will drop any points until the end of the season.

Relegation Zone – Setúbal and Boavista are not safe yet, but we think the teams behind them won’t be any danger so we are excluding them from this fight. That leaves us with Tondela, Académica and U. Madeira. This last 2 will play against each other in the next fixture and it promises to be a great battle.

Our Prediction – Tondela and Académica. Tondela is reducing the big gap they had but it won’t be enough. And Académica will likely lose next game and therefore they will likely get relegated.

Top Scorers

  • Jonas – 31 goals
  • Slimani – 24 goals
  • Mitroglu – 19 goals


This next weeks will be very interesting and we’re sure you won’t miss a thing. Do you have any different prediction? Leave your opinion on the comments below.