Article by: Bárbara Sousa and Myself

Remember when one of those cats with human thoughts was thinking about something he called “Game of Purrs“? After a couple of weeks of research, we finally found out what is this show he was so obsessed about, and we brought some pictures to satisfy mortal human’s curiosity.

PS.: This is apparently a very addicting show. Cats seem to be obsessed with it, but since no human has ever heard of it before, we are still unsure whether or not it can affect humans or other non-feline creatures. Viewer discretion is advised.

Game of Purrs seems to have many different storylines that only cats can follow. The pictures show other creatures that get along just fine with cats, such as dragons and wolves. What? And how can there be ice and fire in the same show? It must be pawesome!

Jon Whiskers8

Jamie Catnipster
Sansa Purrk and Theon Greyfuzz
Brienne of Snacks and Pawdrick Payne
Bran Purrk and Meowor
Melisandre, The Red Cat
Samwell Clawly, Gilly and cub
Cersei Catnipster and The Furmountain
Daenerys Targaryen, Khatleesi

We do not own any of these pieces of art. Credit is in the pictures.

If pictures are not enough for you to prove how big this is in the feline world, a lot of cats seem to be making covers of the opening song and uploading it to Cattube. We’re still looking for a cat translator to explain to us what all of those meow words actually mean in human language.

Sounds intriguing.