Britain’s Got Talent is not just one more talent show. It’s the greatest talent show because people from all over the world choose BGT to showcase their skills and therefore is the one with the most diversity and talent.

You can see incredible things on BGT and every episode has that one jaw-dropping act that makes you want to see more. From singers to magicians and dancers, this show never seizes to amaze us with how much talent people can have!

11. Bars & Melody, 2014

The most viewed video from the official channel of BGT, most likely because of their appeareance on Ellen.

10. Darcy Oake, 2014

The flawless magic act that made Simon Cowell believe in magic.

9. Paddy & Nico, 2014

When you realize a 80-year-old lady dances Salsa better than you ever will. Gotta respect that!

8. Hollie Steel, 2009

Everyone thought she was going to be one more cute little girl dancing ballet. Then she opens her mouth and a powerful voice comes out. How talented is she?

7. Ashleigh & Pudsey, 2012

An adorable, smart dog doing incredible tricks and winning the whole contest. What else do you need?

6. Jamie Raven, 2015

We all love magic! Especially when you have absolutely no idea how it’s done. Share your thoughts with us in the comments on how you think he did it.

5. Jack Carroll, 2013

It’s amazing how a kid can turn things around and create comedy with his self-deprecating humor. Way to go!

4. Calum Scott, 2015

One of the most beautiful singing voices I have ever heard. Simon Cowell was so impressed he put him directly into the semi-finals.

3. Attraction, 2013

I think it’s safe to say that the judges and the audience were not the only ones who shed a tear after watching this performance. Stunning!

2. Paul Potts, 2007

The winner of the first Britain’s Got Talent edition shouldn’t be left out.

1. Susan Boyle, 2009

Obviously, she had to be the first in the list. Who never heard of Susan Boyle? She was probably the biggest surprise of all 10 seasons and is the most popular contestant to date.

Do you agree with this list? Or did we miss anyone? Tell us on the comments section below 🙂