I have always loved basketball, especially the NBA. And I always preferred General Manager sports games over games where I had to play the sport. But the truth is I never understood how NBA games worked, I basically selected the team and sent it to the court hoping I could get that W at the end of the game. Besides NBA 2K, I didn’t knew any GM game for the NBA. And then I got hooked when I found Basketball GM. I still don’t really know everything I should be doing in the game but I really enjoy playing it. You can play the game on your browser, for free, and I guarantee you’ll have a great time.

Recently I’ve decided to play the game over the course of 100 seasons and post the results here. This will be like a review of the game where I hope I can learn a few things about the NBA.

My Goal

Win 15 NBA Titles

Make it to the NBA Finals 20 times

Make it to the Conference Finals 30 times

Make it to the Conference Semi-Finals 50 times

Make it to the NBA Playoffs 70 times

I don’t know if this are hard goals or pretty simple and easy. I have played the game in the past and I think I’ll have some trouble achieving them. We’ll see.
I’ll be using a League File I found on Reddit so I can use the correct rosters.

Year 1


The team selection page is pretty simple and easy to use. I have decided to start my journey with the NBA team with the worst record this season: Philadelphia 76ers. I don’t expect to achieve much this first year, maybe try a few trades and, depending on how the season is going, I should try to tank so I can get a high draft pick.


This is a pretty young team with good potential. That 100-day-injury on Joel Embiid scared me a little bit but I know this is going to be a rough year. My payroll is really low and I’ll try to trade Carl Landry to clear my payroll even more. I think I’ll be able to secure good players in next year’s offseason.



Well… it wasn’t pretty. It was a really bad season as I expected. Still managed to get a better record and a better place than the real life 76ers team.

One thing I really love about this game is its speed. I was able to simulate the entire regular season in just 2 minutes. There’s probably a lot of stuff I can do (and probably should have done it) during the regular season, I just don’t know what. And to have the opportunity to just skip the year and all those things, to me, that’s a huge plus. I love games where I can advance quickly in time. I love when I have the ability to choose my own speed. If I feel like taking my time and do everything right I can do it, but it feels great to just take that leap in time and go to where we want to go.

Golden State Warriors won this year’s NBA Finals. No surprise there. But they won it against the Milwaukee Bucks (!!!)

As for my goals, I couldn’t achieve any of them. Maybe next season.

Year 2


This was my first draft and I had the 4th, 26th and 28th pick. Of course I wanted that Ben Simmons but I couldn’t get him. I got Brandon Ingram which I think will become a good player.


This is where it starts to get tricky. Like I mentioned before, I don’t fully understand everything I should be doing so I gambled a little in the offseason. I traded a few players to make room for a few players. I have a ton of 1st and 2nd round picks. I’ll hold on to those first round picks but I’ll try something in return of the rest. In free agency I was able to get Damian Lillard. I’m not sure about that contract, probably a mistake but I desperately needed a good Guard and he was the best (by far) available. I couldn’t resist and got Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Joe Johnson on board. The last player I got was Ryan Anderson which I think will help the team. I’m not sure about what this roster can do but I really want to make it to the playoffs this season. Let’s simulate this F-ing year!



If I was a gambling man (which I am), I’d bet I did something right on the offseason. I secretly believed I was going to make the playoffs, but the number 1 seed was never on my mind. That adds some pressure going to the playoffs



If you ask me, there’s no good way to lose. But this truly is the worst way to go out. I lost that NBA Finals game 7. I really thought I was going to make it. I could smell that ring coming. And now I feel bad for Tim Duncan for making him go throught that experience again. In his last year as a player.

My Goals (so far)

Win 15 NBA Titles – 0/2

Make it to the NBA Finals 20 times – 1/2

Make it to the Conference Finals 30 times – 1/2

Make it to the Conference Semi-Finals 50 times – 1/2

Make it to the NBA Playoffs 70 times – 1/2

Year 3

For this year I used the same strategy as the previous season. I was so close last time and I had high hopes about this one.

My starting 5

It was a really easy regular season and I improved the record from the past year (63-19). Made some adjustments going to the playoffs and I was feeling very confident. I had a young team but they showed me what they could do. And this happened…


At the third year I got my first ring! Damian Lillard had an amazing season winning the MVP and Finals MVP. I guess I did the right thing giving him that contract and bringing him to Philly. Now let’s hope I can keep most of my team and maybe win it all again in the future.

Year 4

Another year, another record improvement (68-14). I was loving my team. They did everything I wanted them to do and all I could see was that 2nd ring coming. I made it to the NBA Finals again (3rd season in a row) but I lost to the LA Lakers (4-0). I’ll continue with the same strategy since it has brought me success so far.

Year 5

This season’s draft gave me a great surprise. I got the first pick in the draft thanks to the Sacramento Kings.

Sem Título
Couldn’t be happier with the player I drafted

This year’s payroll is through the roof. I have 3 players with 20 million contracts and I feel like I should trade at least one of them. Probably Okafor or Embiid as they are both centers.

This team just keeps improving every year (71-11). I hoped this would be the year I got my 2nd ring and be the first team to win it for the 2nd time since I started this game. The playoffs came and it was probably the easiest run I had. I faced the Portland Trailblazers and swept the Finals with a 4-0 win.

I don’t know how it’s going to be in the future, I will trade a few key players to clear my payroll a little.

Year 6

Looking at my team now and comparing it to the one I had last year I can see it is a weaker team. I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to the playoffs but I don’t see us winning the title this time.

The record from this season shows that we’re not as strong as we were (59-23) but I still think we’re a great team and have a word to say in the Eastern Conference. Let the Playoffs begin!


What can I say?  Incredible what this team has done. Another ring (2nd in a row). Unbelievable playoff run that ended on game 7. This time we won it. Can’t wait to start the next season.

Year 7

I have to admit I didn’t have my best offseason. I traded poorly and while I hope to get to the playoffs, deep down I know the NBA title is looking like a dream that won’t come true. I traded Damian Lillard who has been my best player but was clearly declining in terms of Overall and Potential.

Not a great regular season (53-31). I finished in 4th and I wasn’t happy. I still made it to the playoffs but the last 5 years had been golden and I wasn’t ready to see my team go down the standings. Not much expectations going into the postseason.

There was a time during the playoffs where I believed I could win the title. I got to the Conference Final and lost to the Toronto Raptors (4-3). Then they lost to the LA Lakers in the Finals. Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m starting to feel like my time in Philly is coming to an end, I really want to try managing another franchise. We’ll see what happens.

Year 8

I think the time has come for a little rebuilding. I don’t think this roster has what it takes to win a championship so I’ll try to make good trades and secure some high draft picks so I can start a new dynasty in the NBA. We’ll see what happens.

There’s not much to say. Poor record (36-46) and out of the Playoffs. LA Clippers won their first title.

Owner stays happy despite poor season

Year 9

I’m going to hold on to my best player (Patrick Greenbaum/26yo) and tank for another season. I’ll clear as much payroll as I can so I can return stronger next year. Tough times we face.

17-65. Embarrassing. Hopefully this will be the last time I’ll do so bad. Houston Rockets won the League.

Year 10

Number 4 pick. I was hoping for a better pick but my payroll is small so I expect to have a team ready to fight for the ring this year. See you in the regular season.


This is the roster I’ll have for my 10th season. We’ll see where they can take me.

I’m not disappointed, but I’m not happy either. I obviously improved this season but I wanted more (51-31). Finished in the 4th position and can’t really know how the Playoffs will be. My goal is to get to the Conference Semi-finals, at least.

I got what I wished for. I got to the Conference Semi-finals, but it felt bad to go out after having a 3-1 lead over the Miami Heat. Toronto Raptors are this year’s winners.


After 10 seasons, these are the teams with championships won. I managed to win 3 times with the Philadelphia 76ers putting them at the top of the list.

Year 11

Slightly better team, higher expectations. I want to get back to the right track and I need to do it fast. Last time I won a championship was 5 years ago and I want to get back to the race.

I was happy with my regular season (58-24). I know my roster isn’t as good as my golden years team and I think we did well, finishing in the 2nd position. This year’s goal is the Conference Finals.

Two extremely hard rounds, both won on game 7 (1st round: Knicks/Conference Semis: Pistons) showed how unprepared my team was. I lost to the Washington Wizards in the next round, and they ended up winning the title.

The owner of the franchise is still happy with the job I’m doing. But I can’t say the same for myself. I honestly expected more. I think the problem was me. I should have done everything I could to keep my team from the first years.

Year 12

I like the roster I put together for this season. This year we will likely be on the top of the standings.

With a record of 63-19, my team managed to secure the number 1 seed on the Eastern Conference. If we can avoid the injuries we have had in the past, I think we are the main contenders to win it all.


And we did it! We are back at the top of the League. Our 4th ring.
Our team is young and I’ll try to hold on to the most important players this time. The obvious goal for the next season is to do it all over again.

Year 13

Another risky decision. I changed nothing from last year. I dropped one player and brought a rookie from the draft. Hope it’s not another failed test.

Starting 5

Same team from last year, similar regular season (62-20). Let’s hope they give me a similar postseason.

In the 1st round I had to go to game 7 to defeat the Detroit Pistons. I was very lucky, so I wasn’t expecting what happened next. I won the Conference Semi-finals (Milwaukee Bucks), Conference Finals (New York Knicks) and NBA Finals (Golden State Warriors) with the same result: 4-0! After 13 years I have the same number of rings as Kobe Bryant, who was once a player on my roster.

Year 14

For this year I’ll keep using the same strategy, only letting a few players leave and replace them with better ones and cheaper. I want to win three championships in a row for the first time. I still believe in this team.

I’m enjoying this new formula. Three teams with the same core and very similar records, this one equals to the last one (62-20). Does that mean…?

Yep! Another championship. This time, in all rounds, I lost just 1 game, in the 1st round. Then win after win, I end up beating the Clippers in the Finals. I guess I found the best strategy. But there’s one problem… the players are getting older.

Year 15

Last season of this Part I. And I want to go out with a bang. I had to make a few adjustments to my roster, but the core is still there. And the team keeps getting better with a memorable record (68-14). I know we’re favourites to win the championship but I see a lot of my guys getting injured which quite frankly scares me.

My team’s stats over the season

A NBA Final that went all the way to game 7, and we won it…again! 4 championships in a row! This is the best strategy I used over the first 15 seasons. I don’t have the best team in the league, but I have a deep bench with quality players.


Here is the history of the league in the last 15 seasons. My 7-championships are impressive but I was more impressed with what Andrew Wiggins was able to achieve: 11 MVP awards (9 straight)!!! I’m the best franchise so far, there’s no doubt about it. Will I be able to keep this trend in the next years? What would you change in the way I play this game? Tell me about your records and achievements on the comments below.

My Goals (so far)

Win 15 NBA Titles – 7/15

Make it to the NBA Finals 20 times – 9/15

Make it to the Confenrence Finals 30 times – 11/15

Make it to the Conference Semi-Finals 50 times – 12/15

Make it to the NBA Playoffs 70 times – 12/15

What game would you like to see next?