Article by: Diogo Martins

So, I recently saw the latest Captain “Superman” America, and I have to say, it’s a pretty fun movie, even though the premise is very frail.

Here’s why:

  • Captain won’t let his bromance/metal masturbation machine go. It’s quite childish, in a way. like a tantruming child saying: No! Bucky is my fwend! Don’t be mean to him! you fuggers! I mean, seriously, the man won’t let that shit go (even though later he does know that Bucky didn’t really did what he’s accused of doing). And, I know that it’s part of his personality, but he’s just so bland in this particular movie – I swear I though he was directly pulled from the first movie.


  • Iron Man, on the other hand, is just a fucking pussy here; this billionaire and all the other shit he said on The Avengers movie is STILL letting any little thing tear him apart like a bomb killing an ant (no pun intended) and is becoming a sort of anti-Iron Man here – all sad and broken, when his character is always jumping from cuntfaced joker to emo kid cutting himself on his bathroom while listening to My Chemical Romance. I know what Marvel wants to do, and did, with his character. But still, all it took to make him turn to the now know as Iron Man side was a woman, a story and a photograph. Yup, that’s it;


It just felt like a rushed excuse for both of these characters to fight in this movie.

I know it’s just my opinion – and that’s all it is. Now, to the rest.

The fight sequences are ridiculous (both positively and negatively) and I really don’t know what “powers” these characters have. I really don’t.

  • Cap is Superman.
  • Bucky is one half of Superman.
  • Spiderman is in the same category.
  • Antman can turn big, you know, just because.
  • Scarlett is still hot, and her stunt lady is good in her role as well.
  • The others are what they are (I really don’t have much to say in regards to them).

I also want to bring up the “romance” in this movie. I won’t say whose, but I will say that it came out of fucking nowhere, like that of the Hulk and Black Widow in AoU.

The villain is generic, and like most things in this movie, also has something hollow about him. but I guess that it is a bit of a cancer in this regard. It just infected it all. There’s a very important part in the end that was just somewhat stupid, and, apparently, it’s something that was known by someone, but thank god it wasn’t revealed until that point, because is was just more fodder to draw the runtime and spectacle of this movie out.

I was discussing this movie with a friend who also follows these movies and she said that the point of the movie is a sort of adaptation of the comic, which I didn’t read. But, even if I did, some things like the romance mentioned above shouldn’t have come from that, at least not this badly explained. And if they wanted to really have these characters battle over something, it shouldn’t be about some burocratic bullshit. Like I said, it felt out-of-place and out of thin air.


To sum up: it’s a fun movie, a blockbuster (take this as you like) but, I wouldn’t recommend it. At least not for the story. But if you want a mindless action movie with some down time to get popcorn and have a smoke break in between them, this movie is for you.

Agree/disagree with me? Let me know in the comments below!