For those who already saw the latest Game of Thrones episode “Blood of My Blood”, you must be curious to know everything that Bran has seen at the beginning of the episode. I was, so I went back and paused at every frame to see and discuss every single image.

The first thing Bran Stark sees is the wildfire, but I’m still not sure if it was from that time that Tyrion used it in the Battle of the Blackwater or if it’s something from the future. It is believed that this form of weapon will be used by Cersei to kill the High Sparrow, as Jonathan Pryce – the actor who plays him – said in a recent interview.


Then, he sees a dragon flying through King’s Landing. I’m wondering if Daenerys is finally getting there on Drogon’s back, now that she is determined to cross the sea. Curiously enough, that’s how this episode ended.

Being a Warg, will Bran Stark be able to control a dragon and kill the White Walkers now that they’re after him? It would be a great thing to see 🙂


In my favorite scene, Bran sees the Mad King Aerys II, Daenerys’ father. This is the first time we actually put a face to his name and hear him saying the famous “Burn Them All”.

If like me, you’re curious enough about this series to read everything you can about it, you probably must have read the theory that says Bran is the reason of everything that happens in Game of Thrones. We’ve read pretty interesting things so far. It is known that the Mad King used to hear voices whispering in his head, which was the reason to drive him mad, and many people believe it was Bran’s voice saying something else and he mistakenly understands “Burn them all”. There are a lot of theories regarding this matter, and this is just one of them.

The next thing Bran sees is a compilation of random scenes: the Night King, wights and the event of Hardhome; him being pushed off the tower by Jamie Lannister after witnessing an incest scene between him and his twin Cersei; his mother Catelyn Stark being killed at the Red Wedding; Daenerys with her baby dragon at her shoulder after surviving the fire and proving she was the Mother of Dragons; the Night King once again, this time turning a baby into a wight; his father Ned Stark being executed for treason.


After that, we see more developed scenes. We get to see the actual wildfire being poured into a jar, the Mad King requesting to “burn them all” and then a wildfire explosion. This could mean that Bran is seeing the past when the Mad King had his grandfather and uncle Rickard and Brandon Stark killed for treason.


Ned Stark then is shown asking about his sister Lyanna Stark, who was kidnapped by the Mad King. The following scene shows what it’s believed to be Lyanna’s body covered in blood after she died. Some people believe the blood comes from the birth of her bastard child with Rhaegar Targaryen. And who is the child? The one and only Jon Snow!

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more about this story in the next episodes.


Bran also sees Jamie Lannister stabbing the Mad King in the back and then sitting on the Iron Throne, just like it’s written in the books. Between those scenes, Bran’s brother Robb Stark is also shown being killed at the Red Wedding. I wonder what’s the connection here. Leaf, one of the Children of the Forest, is also shown stabbing a person’s heart – the very moment she  was creating the White Walkers.

It was an interesting scene, and we believe it has a hidden meaning behind it – one that we still don’t know, but hopefully will be explained before the ending of season 6. We’re loving this plot because it’s giving us a lot of information about the past and everything is finally coming together. Waaay better than his sister’s Arya plot. To us, she is officially no one, we don’t really care about her at this point.

Do you know any more theories? What is your favorite theory so far?