You can read Part I of this game here.

After a first succesful 15 years on Basketball GM, and some suggestions from some viewers I decided to make things a little harder. Every Part of this series, I’ll introduce a new rule for myself, just to make this game a little harder. For now, I’m not going to change my goals for the 100 years. If things stay easy after the rules are applied, then I’ll make some new and more ambitious goals.

My Goals (so far)

Win 15 NBA Titles – 7/15

Make it to the NBA Finals 20 times – 9/15

Make it to the Conference Finals 30 times – 11/15

Make it to the Conference Semi-Finals 50 times – 12/15

Make it to the NBA Playoffs 70 times – 12/15


In the offseason, I can’t sign a free agent with an overall higher than 65


When you’re playing Basketball GM, you never have to save your game progress, the game does it for you. Every time you login into your account, every league you have played appears on this page above. A really great plus for the players who intend to play their save for a long period of time. Now let’s begin Part II of my journey.

Year 16

After winning 4 consecutive championships, and with the new rule I implemented, I tried to keep the same roster. The team is getting older but I still believe they can do something good this next season.


My offseason wasn’t very busy. I drafted only one player (Cliford Day) and got 1 free agent (Kevin Crowley). His contract was low and had a good potential. With this new rule I had to really focus on player development. I really hope my team can go far on the playoffs.

58-24, first place in the Eastern Conference. A solid performance by my team. Had a few injuries which scared me a bit. Let’s hope my team can stay healthy during the playoffs.

A poor Playoff run. My team lost to the Boston Celtics on the 2nd round of the playoffs. I still believe in this team and will probably keep this strategy for the next year.

Year 17

Pretty much the same offseason as last year. I’m starting to build a team of players with a good potential, but a lower overall. Maybe in a few years a few of them will start to develop into great players.

After the free agent season, the players ratings are updated and I have to say, all my players ratings decreased…a lot. I don’t know how I can change this, every year they seem to lose a lot of overall and potential. Maybe I’ll invest more in the finances.


This is the finances page of the game. As my attendance is so consistent I decided to increase the ticket price so I could invest more on Scouting, Coaching, Health and Facilities. Let’s hope this can affect my player’s development in the next few years.

As I expected the team had some trouble and we only managed to secure the 7th place of the Conference. And for the first time we went down on the first round. A very poor season. And a dark future. Something needs to be done. I just don’t know what it is.

Year 18

I started the offseason by trading the 4 players who had the biggest contracts. I made the mistake of offering some big paychecks to older players. Their ratings went down quickly and I had no use for them. I’ll try to secure some free agents with some potential. This year is looking really bad at this moment.

The changes I made in the finances last year didn’t seem to have any effect on this seasons ratings. Almost every player’s ratings went down. But to be fair, I have an old team. And I have no franchise player. I really need to draft one. I’m scared with the outcome of this regular season.

No playoffs this season (31-51). And no strategy. I really need a good draft. Or a good trade. Dallas won the championship.

Year 19


I had the 7th pick on the draft and was surprised when I saw this player was still available. Maybe he will be the player to help me turn things around. In the free agency, I’ll try to bring some players with some good potential.

And we’re back in the Playoffs (50-32). I have a team with potential. I don’t expect a lot this postseason but I’m sure next year we will be stronger.

The Boston Celtics won this year ring while my team managed to make it to the 2nd round. I’m happy with it! And so is the owner of the franchise.

Year 20

A few trades and free agents. I was wrong in my prediction – my team didn’t improved as much as I would hope. But it doesn’t matter, I still want to achieve the 2nd round of the Playoffs like in the previous year.

While we had a worse record (48-34), we managed to get a higher position, the 5th of the Eastern Conference. Now, let’s at least win the 1st round, that’s all I expect from this roster.


Well…I really didn’t expect that!!! What a nice surprise. I have had better teams and lost the championship. Now let’s try to keep this team at the same level.


Here is the roster who won this incredible championship.

Year 21

I changed nothing from last year. My team is still improving so I hope I can have a good run this season.

This was an odd year. We won the championship and had an amazing season record (66-16), but I had my first technical problems with this game. When I tried to see my roster, I only had one player there. I really hope next season things go back to normal…

Year 22

Sem Título

Well, everything stayed the same. I can’t really play while this problem isn’t fixed so for now I’ll have to stop this game. Is there any fix to this problem? If not, what should I do to complete this challenge? Got any suggestion?

While I wait for your feedback, I’ll leave you with some information from this journey.

My Goals (so far)

Win 15 NBA Titles – 9/21

Make it to the NBA Finals 20 times – 11/21

Make it to the Conference Finals 30 times – 13/21

Make it to the Conference Semi-Finals 50 times – 16/21

Make it to the NBA Playoffs 70 times – 17/21

My team is by far the franchise with most championships won (9 titles), while the LA Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks (2 titles) are still very far from me. We’re the team with the most wins over all the years. We have the 3rd position in the playoffs ranking, making it 17 times.

I hope I can get this problem fixed and continue this post. If not, I’ll try to think of a way to finish this journey. Tell us what you think of this on the comments section below.