If you want to know how this journey started, you can read Part I and Part II

After having some trouble with the game in Part II, I tried to fix it. I asked on Reddit and the users gave me some instructions on how to solve the problem. The truth is I logged in a few days later, and the problem was solved. I still want to thank those who tried to help me.

My Goals (so far)

Win 15 NBA Titles – 9/21

Make it to the NBA Finals 20 times – 11/21

Make it to the Conference Finals 30 times – 13/21

Make it to the Conference Semi-Finals 50 times – 16/21

Make it to the NBA Playoffs 70 times – 17/21

Rules for Part II

In the offseason, I can’t sign a free agent with an overall higher than 65

I can’t make any trade

Year 22


We won the title last season. A season where I had some technical problems and I couldn’t see my roster. Now that I can see it, I’m not sure how we will perform this year. I didn’t sign any free agent, this is pretty much the same team I had last year. I have the MVP so I hope that he will help me get a good position on the Conference.

Horrible regular season. With the same team we managed to go from a 66-16 season to a 44-38. This time I don’t really know who to blame.

Yeah… There was nothing to prevent the 4-0 lost to Cleveland in the 1st round. Miami Heat won their first championship since the beginning of this game.

Year 23

With the No Trade rule I can’t really do anything with my roster. I have 1 open roster spot but I have no Salary Cap available. So, the only new player is the rookie I signed on the draft. I really need a strategy to help against this No Trade rule.

This is really strange. How can the same team get such a different result? I managed to win the Eastern Conference with a pretty good record (56-26). Are we close to win the 10th championship?

NOPE… We lost again to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1st round. 4-1 this time. I’m really disappointed with this playoff run. Another team won their 1st championship (OKC)

Year 24


This is the Draft page. As you can see, this is a very simple and easy to understand page. This game gets almost everything right. For the player who doesn’t understand much about basketball, this is a game where you’ll learn the basics about the sport very quickly. Like in real life, drafting a player is a bit of a gamble. The player may have a big potential, but he won’t always get to the level you hope for. Since I finished 1st in my Conference, this year my draft pick will be really high, so the best players will be unavailable when my pick comes.

Another 1st round, another loss. I finished in the 8th position and lost to the Brooklyn Nets (4-2), who eventually ended up winning the title. Starting next year, I’ll try to reduce my payroll and only sign players with small salaries. I can’t afford having players receiving 20M per year.

Year 25

A complete revolution on my roster this year. 8 new players, one of them is a rookie. I now have a payroll of 40.2M which will allow me to pursue some players with high potential. Hopefully, in the near future my team can get me another ring. Unfortunately, this won’t be the year probably.

This was probably the hardest qualification to the Playoffs ever. We were out of the Playoffs spots for almost the majority of the regular season, but we had a perfect ending of the season and managed to get the 8th position. Obviously I don’t expect to win but a good transition year for my franchise.

I could copy and paste the text from the playoffs from last year. We lost again to the Brooklyn Nets and they won the league again.

Year 26

I got 0 open roster spots…again. This is the last year of the contract of my best player. He has an overall of 74 and is earning 20M. I won’t try to keep him next year. I’ll keep my strategy of only signing players with high potential and a small paycheck. Another hard season is ahead of us.


A great run from my team. We improved and managed to secure a better place in the Conference. I really want to make it through the 1st round. We hit a slump and we always lose at the same round. I want to improve or my team will always stay a regular team.

I’m so sick and tired of going down against the Brooklyn Nets. This time we advanced to the 2nd round and lost to them in game 7 of the Conference Semifinals. Bad luck. I blame my bad luck this season. Despite the good year, I’m still going to trade my best player. LA Clippers won their 3rd championship.

Year 27

This is going to be awkward. My best player is gone and his replacement is a weaker guy. I only had 1 open roster spot. I’m always struggling with this same issue. Fortunately, this year is the last season of the contract of 7 players.

We’re still a Playoff team. 6th position, which isn’t that bad. I really hope some of my players overall increases next year, and with some good free agents maybe we can start dreaming about ring number 10.

An embarrassing 4-0 loss in the 1st round. It’s frustrating losing early on the Playoffs, year after year. And the Brooklyn Nets won their 3rd championship in the last 4 years.

Year 28


We’re still the franchise with more Finals, Championships and Wins, but our last title was 6 years ago. That’s too long. I’m really hoping there’s some good free agents (with an overall lower than 65 of course) and I want to win a ring in the next 3 years.

We’re NOT a Playoff team this year. What an embarrassment. I like my team, I’m not sure what happened here. Well… maybe the goals I made will be harder to achieve now. And the Brooklyn Nets won…again.

Year 29

I’m still using the same strategy as I did in the last few years. I’m sticking to it a bit longer, I believe I’ll see some results. If not, I’ll try to secure some possible superstar, whatever the payroll.

We’re out of the Playoffs once again. These rules made the game a lot harder for me. I’m fine with it. I’m just scared of adding more rules on the next posts. I’m starting to feel like I’ll fail in every goal.

And is the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers going to keep me as GM? I think I’ll be fired soon.

Year 30

A little bit of luck for my franchise. Last year we finished on the 10th position and this year we got the 2nd round pick of this year’s draft. Hopefully we’ll get a future superstar who can help us get to the top again.


A good player with a lot of potential. I expect big things from David Lussier. I have a starting 5 with an overall rating average of 61.8 and an age average of 25. I like my bench, not the best but a decent one. I don’t want to get my hopes high but I really hope we can return to the Playoffs this year.

With a record of 48-34 we got to the 5th position of the Conference. We improved a little and I can only hope we can do it again next season. I believe this team is championship material.

Another disappointing postseason. We lost on the 1st round again. But it’s still an improvement from last year, so I’m confident on my roster. The Chicago Bulls won their first title. 16 teams have already won at least 1 title and only 9 teams haven’t reached the NBA Finals.

Year 31


No, I did not draft this player (I wish!). I’m only posting this because somehow 5 teams didn’t choose him as their pick, and to me this is ridiculous. There was no player with a higher overall or potential. I really don’t understand how this could happen. Cleveland chose him, so for 10 years I expect them to win a few rings.

David Lussier had a 14 point jump on his overall rating which is really satisfying. I really needed that. I’m very happy with the roster I have for this season. Let’s hope I can finally beat someone on the 1st round… If I make to the Playoffs of course.

A good regular season that led me to the 2nd position in the Conference. But this was the worst year regarding injuries. A lot of them. Let’s hope the team stays healthy during the Playoffs.

And we finally won the 10th championship. This was the hardest one. We struggled for so long that I thought I wouldn’t win it again. Especially when we were losing 3-1 against the Chicago Bulls in the Conference Finals. PS: Billy Davis, the rookie from Cleveland, won the league’s MVP award.

Year 32


This is my roster for this season. The starting 5 is slightly better than the previous year, but my bench is way worse. I hope this won’t reflect on my team’s performance.

This is the best regular season I have ever had. We tied with the Bulls 95-96 record (72-10). And the truth is “72-10 don’t mean a thing without the ring!”. Let’s go 76ers!

It was harder than I thought it would be. We had to go to game 7 on the Conference Semifinals, but in the end, the championship was ours. Really good to win back-to-back titles. We really needed it to keep up with my goals.

Year 33

I know I had a policy about no 20M contracts but I really enjoy having David Lussier on my team. He is just 23 years old, I couldn’t give up on him. Not when I have these rules that already make the game so hard. My team is weaker this year. But I can feel we will do just fine as the previous years.

With a record of 59-23 we were able to get the number 1 position on our Conference. It’s going to be a tough postseason.

This year’s Playoffs were the most disappointing ever. We lost to the Hornets on the 1st round. I wasn’t really expecting that. I was expecting to win another title and going down so early is horrible. The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first championship.

Year 34


In this page we can see the history of my franchise. It’s really cool for those who like to keep up with happened in the past. It shows your record from the beginning, playoff appearances, championships, best and worst record. It’s an awesome feature despite showing that terrible 17-65 record.

My roster just keeps getting worse and worse. I believe it’s time for a little revolution. I’ll probably let David Lussier go when his contract ends next year. I predict a very hard year.

We were so close of being out of the Playoffs. In the last 10 games we were able to go from the 10th position to the 6th. We were so damn lucky. I can’t understand how our quality went down so much in  just 2 seasons. It’s no surprise that we lost in the 1st round. The LA Lakers won their 2nd title.

Year 35

I got 2 open roster spots, but I have no money to hire anyone. I also got no hope for this year.

Somehow this regular season was even harder than the previous. We got the 8th position in the last day. And somehow we won in the 1st round. Just crazy. Then we lost to the Chicago Bulls on game 7 (again) of the Conference Semifinals. This was David Lussier last season with my franchise. So I expect to struggle in the next few years.

Year 36

I got a lot of money on my payroll to spend. I hope I can find some good young players. I want to build a team that can win a lot of championships. This will be like year 0 of that team. I need to make the right decisions for this to happen. This year I’m sure we will miss the Playoffs. I really need to take a step back to take two forward in the future.


Somehow we made it to the playoffs. My roster is filled with bad players and I can’t understand how we did it. To be honest, sometimes the results feels a bit random. We got to the 2nd round, which is great. But deep down, I was hoping to didn’t make the Playoffs and have a better draft pick. The Dallas Mavericks won their 4th title.

Year 37

I gambled a bit on some players and got some good results. But I’m not there yet. It feels like something is missing. I need at least 2 great players so that they can make a difference. I need a duo like Durant-Westbrook.

The 7th spot on the Conference again. I’m happy about this regular season. We have a roster with a lot of decent players so what we really need is a superstar player to make us a championship team.

A 4-0 loss on the 1st round. I was hoping to win at least 2 games but the outcome would be the same, so not really sad about it.

Year 38

Not much to be done this offseason. I drafted 2 players and had no open roster spots. I’m unhappy with the roster I have but there’s nothing to be done. Once again, we will be out of the title race for sure. It’s getting harder and harder to create a championship team.


Another Playoff qualification miracle. We are at that horrible spot again that doesn’t allow us to get a good draft pick and doesn’t allow us to be a real contender for the ring.

We won to the number one team of the East and lost on the 2nd round. Really frustrating to win to the best team and lose to a mediocre one.  That’s the worst thing that could happen because when I win to the best team my hopes start to get high and then I lose to New York 4-0.

Year 39


I’m still using the same strategy. I had a good regular season and I lost to the New York Knicks again, this time in the 2nd round. They are the best team in the league, by far. There was nothing I could do this year to change the outcome of the season. It’s been too long without a title for my franchise.

Year 40

For the last few years I haven’t been able to build a team. Every year I have almost a new roster and this isn’t helping me. I hate rebuilding but maybe that’s the way to go in the future. I have ZERO confidence in my roster for this season.

We improved a bit finishing in the 6th position. But we have to face the Knicks in the 1st round.

And yet again we lost to the same team. This time by 4-1. A really bad couple of years. A bad campaign in this post.

My goals keep getting harder and harder to achieve, I don’t think I’ll have to update them because I don’t know if I’ll be able to accomplish them.

My Goals (so far)

Win 15 NBA Titles – 11/40

Make it to the NBA Finals 20 times – 13/40

Make it to the Conference Finals 30 times – 15/40

Make it to the Conference Semi-Finals 50 times – 23/40

Make it to the NBA Playoffs 70 times – 34/40

With just 2 rules (In the offseason, I can’t sign a free agent with an overall higher than 65/I can’t make any trade), I’m having trouble to keep up with the other teams. I only won 2 titles in this post and if I introduce another rule for the next one I think I’ll be fired. But that’s the beauty of the challenge. What rule should I add next post?


We’re still the franchise with most championships won and we’re the only ones to have 2000+ wins. Despite my poor performance, I’m really excited to continue this adventure and I hope I can find the formula to win some titles and achieve all my goals at the end of the 100 years.

Am I being a bad GM or are these rules too hard for a game like Basketball GM? Let me know in the comment section below.