If you know video games at all you’ve heard of Street Fighter. Some say it’s the best fighting game ever (or the franchise, at least), others say it’s Tekken. I say it’s The King of Fighters. But, anyway…


The story trailer just came out for it, and even though I don’t own the game myself, I am a big, big fan of their previous installments (USF4 especially) and I was a little bit… dumbfounded, if not absolutely slack-jawed at this skeleton of a game. Because it literally is a skeleton.

It came out without an arcade mode (if I’m not mistaken, and if I am, don’t hold it against me, it came out with almost nothing!) and even the story mode. Which is ridiculous.

But this trailer reminded me of a thought I had a while ago…

If I sold cakes, and I mean fully baked cakes, for 20 years, people would know what they were buying, even if the recipe didn’t change much for all those years. Agreed? Now, If, at the end of those 20 years I started selling cakes made of nothing and then sell the flavouring and the toppings separately, what would you, the customer, say? How the fuck would you react? Would you still buy these pseudo-cakes? Even if you were the biggest fan of them, you can’t tell me that you would buy them, right?

But, apparently, that’s not what happens when this is done with games, and it needs to stop. Please, if you are one of the people who buy games that are dismembered to be sold to you after you buy them… don’t do it. For the sake of everyone. Hold these people accountable for the disgrace that has fallen upon my favorite hobby. Bring the whole place down, if you have to!


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