E3 has come and gone, and with it the feeling of antecipation and excitement. Some loved it, some didn’t. And others used it to push an agenda (but that’s not for this website to discuss, suffice it to say, it’s disgusting).

As to what I’m concerned, and as it’s always been with me, I love the whole atmosphere of that almost real new-game smell in the air, the awesomeness of some new IP (even though they are becoming more and more rare) and the new harware or new game engines. The ones that stand out in my memory were the Killzone 2 trailer (wich was a lie) and one for one of the Smackdown! vs Raw!, maybe 2006/07, which was also a load of shite. But, in my defense… I was way younger, and hadn’t developed the critical capacities of a normal human beign (puberty and all that).

I bet that you have never, EVER, read something about E3 that had involved a previous lack of intelligence and puberty all at once. I bet that!

Anyway, this E3 had some fantastic displays, some mediocre and some that I just didn’t care at all. So, I’m just going to give my sort of must see for it, with video links (for free, this time…):

God of War – I don’t think I need to tell much more than… It’s back. And… in a completely separate mythology and a few extra familiar members. Hype inb4launch to ensue.

South Park – The Fractured But Whole: My favorite comedy series, from my idols, returns, in a sequel whose trailer made me laugh quite a lot. The gameplay appears to be greatly improved. But, to be honest, I’m in it for the story and the keks.

Battlefield 1 – Not much, but what was shown was enough to peak my interest, and couple that witht he video that it’s on Youtube of celebrities playing the multiplayer… you also get HYPE!

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Interesting premise. Fantastic presentation and design. A female redhead that’s fit. Gameplay seems inovative and she’s a redhead. I can’t stress that enough (even without soul). But really, it looks amazing and seems like a possible must buy on release. Only time will tell.

Resident Evil 7 – Looks like P.T (if you like horror games and don’t know what it is, look for it. Konami had something to do with the game, it even gave birth to a friendship that brought us one of the most intriguing trailers ever and a hate hashtag) but the thing that made the trailer was the song. Amazing!

And the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS_VuqHCvGY

Death Stranding – Hideo Kojima (the mind behind Metal Gear Solid) and Norman Reedus (from the Walking Dead) come together (again, this time sucessfully) to bring… Fuck, nobody knows. And you will see why after you watch these trailer.


Anyway, these are the highlights of the events that happened this past week. Sorry for not being so productive with my posts, I will try to write more often!

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