Ever played a Fifa or a Football Manager game?

If you did, you may be aware of the fantastic work the scouts (I assume they have, and some of the best in the world) do and the recommendations they make. If not, if you only played, let’s say, Fifa 07, and see what players started their careers around that time and which one of them made it close, or above, the overall rating they got in the game at their peak form.

Players like Messi, Aguero and Bale got ratings that reached the 90’s, and we know today that they totally deserved them.

And then there were those RNG players that seemed to be made by the wet dreams of those who wanted to be the best player in the game – one in particular stood up in my mind.

Almost ten years ago, I got the game in the now legendary platinum casing for the best-selling games for the PS2 and immediately started playing the manager mode. And it was really entertaining, I basically speedran that shit in a day or two, with barely any games played – the menus were amazingly fast and you could either skip the game or watch it like in Football Manager, but you could enter the game at any time and cheat – needless to say, amazing for a kid that just wanted to win everything to see what time he could build before dinner.

Anyway, I want to leave you with this message: Thou shalt gaze upon these artists and knoweth that thine future players will be brought forth with the conscience of the lord thine master. (Willie Shakes – 2016)