In association with Football Manager World Federation, we’re creating an exciting Football Manager tournament. The winner of last month’s tournament was Paulo Monteiro from Portugal. Do you have what it takes to win it all this month? Good, we are waiting for you to register.

round 1.png

Tournament Rules

1 – You got to have the original game

2 – If you miss a game you are disqualified

3 – We will create a draft to assign the teams and the decision will be final, you will have to play with that team.

Game Rules

1 – No cheating

2 – 5 subs to each player

3 – Home advantage is decided by the administrator of the FMWF page

Last month we had some trouble since it was our first tournament. This time we want to do a bigger one and we hope it goes well and everybody has some fun.

The format of the tournament will be decided depending on how many players will be selected. You can, and should, leave your opinion on the comment section below or on the registration form. The line-up will be announced on monday.

We will try and stream a few games. It all depends on the availability of the players.

The winner of the tournament will be added to the FMWF Hall of Fame.

Apply here