Here, in my country, there are a lot of idiots, slow-brained and overall stupid people. Just like everywhere else. But, luckily, we tend to fly under the radar of the world, seeing as we’re about as small a fish as we can be in regards to culture and it’s influence.

That being said, there’s no doubt that the U.S are the major focus of scrutiny in this regard. It produces an excessive amount of content (let’s call it that) and, as it is usual, most of it is either bland or just fuck-awful. And that’s ok. BUT…

The gentleman I’m presenting today is by far the “stoopidest” – that’s how he sounds when he says the word stupid, I know you may not get it from reading it, but I’ll link some of the best “make fun of Phil” videos I’ve seen lately – and he is, ultimately, a testament to the ever expanding field of human achievements.

And he hacks, coughs, snorts and barfs like a… well, I don’t even know what to compare him to.

He also blames the games for “lag”, he blames the controller for “not being responsive” and blames Youtube for “the decline for his views”.

OH, he also has around 39 thousand videos on his main channel.

He ALSO has gout, and makes videos that are basically reviews of fast food (the latest and hottest new releases).

Summing up, he is the complete retarded package. I mean, you really have to see it to believe it.

Just one more thing before the videos: he uses, and abuses, both Patreon and his patreons. Promises and doesn’t deliver, can’t take a joke or criticism and outright bans people for everything and nothing.

After you read and see some of this post, please try to tell me what is going through this man’s mind. I would really like to know, because I can’t put my finger on it (partly because of fear of gout infection).

Here we go, videos that highlight his many, many virtues:

Dark Souls 3 – This is a montage of his best moments, it’s a long video, but definitely worth it. At least see from 7:55 to 8:05, you owe yourself that!

Here he struggles with “bugged name mechanics” – which is a recurring theme with him, like I said, all the games that he plays are either difficult (because of bugged mechanics) or fantastic. Yep.

Here he aces the most difficult mission in GTA V. Brace yourself for the awesomeness of this great gamer.

This is especially for those who are fans of football (the European version and therefore the bugged one). Just… Enjoy.

This is a special one, the title will give it away, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. But let me give you some context:  He streams a lot, and daily. So this event must have happened because of bugged stream mechanics. We may never know.