During the month of July, sixteen players of Football Manager battled to be crowned as this month FMWF champion. The last three champions were from Brazil and Portugal (won 2 times). This month we have a new country represented on the champions list.

The winner of the July tournament was Alexandru Costec from Romania. You can watch below a video from the Final game recorded by the winner himself.


But he wasn’t the only one who had a great performance, so let’s check some statistics from the tournament:

Most Goals Scored:

1. Alexandru Costec: 17 Goals (6 games)

2. Bailey Fox: 15 Goals (5 games)

3. Diogo Portela: (5 games)

Most Goals Conceded:

1. Bailey Fox: 14 Goals (5 games)

2. Alexandru Costec: 11 Goals (6 games)

3. Diogo Portela (5 games)/Hélder Henriques (4 games)

Here you can watch the highlights of the final between Alexandru Costec (Romania) and Hélder Henriques (Portugal)