Football Manager July Tournament – Results and Statistics

During the month of July, sixteen players of Football Manager battled to be crowned as this month FMWF champion. The last three champions were from Brazil and Portugal (won 2 times). This month we have a new country represented on the champions list.

The winner of the July tournament was Alexandru Costec from Romania. You can watch below a video from the Final game recorded by the winner himself.


But he wasn’t the only one who had a great performance, so let’s check some statistics from the tournament:

Most Goals Scored:

1. Alexandru Costec: 17 Goals (6 games)

2. Bailey Fox: 15 Goals (5 games)

3. Diogo Portela: (5 games)

Most Goals Conceded:

1. Bailey Fox: 14 Goals (5 games)

2. Alexandru Costec: 11 Goals (6 games)

3. Diogo Portela (5 games)/Hélder Henriques (4 games)

Here you can watch the highlights of the final between Alexandru Costec (Romania) and Hélder Henriques (Portugal)




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