Geometry. Football – A parallel between two worlds (and two football clubs of two different countries)

In the north region of Portugal, there’s a town called Moreira de Cónegos – it’s a small town, with a small population, a small pharmacy, a small cemetery and a big love for its football club, Moreirense Futebol Clube (I know, it may sound weird, but it’s all for the buildup of the attempted joke). And, in our little country (it is, let’s be honest) there’s a football cup called Taça da Liga (League Cup), which is a recent addition to the vast number of three competitions already in place.

So, what’s so special about this particular cup and its connection with this club?

They won… it.

And, in the path to win it, Moreirense was able to eliminate Porto and Benfica (which are the three best clubs in the country – I know, I can count, and the third should be Sporting C.P, but it’s a joke now!) and made it to the final, that was played in Algarve (or as the british tourists know it, Allgarve).

To top it all, they won against S.C. Braga, which is the fifth best club in our country (it even was in the final against Porto in the Europa League in 2011). Which is the Dave and Goliath story, but in a smaller scale, due to the country.


I’m sure that by now you understand why I’m putting this club and Leicester in the title. And, if not, I’ll explain. But if you are reading this, you should already know…

Leicester was the English club that, in the last season, beat all odds and won the League in England. Which, also, was something that nobody was expecting. And everybody stood in awe as to how a small team made the “big clubs” shiver at the thought that you don’t necessarily need millions and millions of pounds to get the best team, and therefore the best chance of winning.

And that was what happened here, in our small country. The country of great dishes, of beautiful landscapes, of beautiful corruption, and that cocky Ronaldo. Sorry, Cristiano Ronaldo.


If there’s a lesson here that is to be learned, it’s this. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Because Fifty Shades of Grey had an alright cover. So, think about that!