(Notice that I’ve personified the websites. It may be important later on)

Resultado de imagem para Rotten Tomatoes VS Imdb

Of these, which do you think it’s better?
In my opinion, it’s Imdb (there goes the suspense).
Why? Here’s why!

I was watching TV the other day (like three years ago, when I occasionally watched TV) and saw an experiment that consisted of asking a staggering amount of people how many jelly beans were in a glass jar (one of those big ones). Something like one or two thousand people were asked, and then the man who conducted said experiment counted and added all the numbers and then divided them by the number of people asked.

The result was amazing.

I can’t remember the exact number, but it was so close that it missed by two or three (the result was something like two hundred and forty) and that is why I like Imdb.

Because it’s average (hardy har har)!

(I know a similar thing is found in Rotten Tomatoes, but I prefer it on Imdb)

The other point is this: The way I see it, Rotten Tomatoes is very… dirty and clustered.

Visually, I mean.

I don’t like the oversaturation on anything. For that I have my private life and my computer desk… and my bedroom… and my…Resultado de imagem para Rotten Tomatoes VS Imdb.Anyway, it may be a nitpick, but really makes the difference for me… And you may discuss this with me in the comments below.

So, let us know what you think, and thanks for reading!