Do you feel the need to organize your life? Are you tired of constantly checking the dates of your appointments and deadlines on your phone? Did you finally agree that digital apps are not for you? Imagine keeping track of your entire life in a single notebook. That’s a thing! Meet the Bullet Journal.


The Bullet Journal® was created by the beautiful mind of Ryder Carroll. It is basically a notebook where you can quickly jot down everything you need to get done – be it work assignments or everyday chores.

It is divided by Future Log, where you add important dates a few months from now that you need to remember; Monthly Log, which is a monthly calendar with tasks you need to get done this month; and finally a self-explanatory Daily Log.

This official video explains the concept better than I ever could:

In order for it to work, it is best advised to keep your bullet journal with you at all times. That way you can update your daily log in real time and check off what you’ve already done. Since I work from home, my journal is always open on my desk to keep me focused and to make it easier to add stuff. It’s a constant work in progress.

Bullet Journal: Completed Daily log
Bullet Journal: Completed Daily log


The only thing you really need is a pen and a notebook. But as you keep getting deeper and deeper into bullet journaling, you will eventually want to buy other stuff to make it prettier: colored pens, highlighters, washi tapes, stickers, sticky notes, watercolors – it’s a deep rabbit hole.

Keep in mind that this is a flexible system, which means you can adapt everything to suit your own needs. You can use a simple black pen and a cheap notebook to focus solemnly on productivity, or you can use fancier stationery to make you feel more interested, which is my case. My bullet journal pages are so colorful that many would think it was made by a child. But that’s how I like it and it’s the best way to keep me motivated.

Bullet Journal: Completed weekly log
Bullet Journal: Completed weekly log


The coolest part about the Bullet Journal is the trackers and collections. I honestly don’t know how I’ve lived all these years without them!

You can use habit trackers as simple reminders — for example, to take your daily medication — or as a visually appealing way to track how often you take care of your skin, how many days in a month you get outside the house, etc. You can track literally everything and get amazed with how much you discover about yourself.

Bullet Journal: Completed Monthly log and Habit tracker
Bullet Journal: Completed Monthly log and Habit tracker

Collections are used for other things you want to add. It can be a list of movies you want to watch, books you read, your favorite quotes, and even a motivational page to help you lose weight or save money. But this is something for another post.

Now do yourself a favor and try it for a month. I’m pretty sure you will not regret it and will ask yourself why on earth you didn’t try it sooner. Prepare yourself to impress everyone with your new organizational skills and never again forget to buy those groceries!