It’s that time of the year. A new Champions League season is finally here. This is the best competition for a Football fan. All the great teams are here and they all want to make it through the group stage.  The groups are all set up and now it’s time for some predictions!

Manchester City v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Second Round First Leg

Group A

Benfica, Manchester United, Basel, CSKA Moscow

José Mourinho’s team is back into Champions League action. After winning last year’s Europa League, Man Utd made some very good signings and they’re looking very good this year.

Basel will probably have a bad time during this group stage and won’t likely have a chance to make it through the next stage. Benfica and CSKA are great teams. They both have a good chance, the games between these two will decide everything in this group.

Prediction: Manchester and Benfica qualify, CSKA goes to Europa League

Group B

Bayern München, PSG, Anderlecht, Celtic

This is a group where there is no doubt on who’s going to advance to the next stage. The only thing we don’t know is who is going to be in the first place. On one side we have the German Champion and always candidate to win it all, and on the other side we have the team who spent 222 MILLION EUROS on a single player!

Anderlecht and Celtic don’t stand a chance against these two teams and will fight for a spot on the Europa League.

Prediction: PSG and Bayern qualify, Celtic goes to Europa League

Group C

Chelsea, Athletic Madrid, Roma, Qarabag

Three great teams and a newcomer. Qarabag’s first Champions League experience will be painful. They will struggle against the other teams.

Chelsea dominated last year’s Premier League, but they didn’t have European Football. This season will be different so they will have a harder time. Athletic has a transfer ban but they managed to keep the fundamental pieces on their roster. Roma is always a mystery, we never know what to expect of them. They could be a surprise or they can be a complete disappointment.

Predictions: Athletic and Chelsea qualify, Roma goes to Europa League

Group D

Juventus, Barcelona, Olympiacos, Sporting

Like group B, there is no doubt on who will advance. Juventus and Barcelona are the clear favorites to be at the top of this group. They both lost key players so it will be hard to predict who will be in the first place but based on last year matchup we will go with Juventus.

Olympiacos and Sporting will battle for the third place. Olympiacos is the eternal Greek champion but Sporting has better players so I’ll go with Sporting for the Europa League spot.

Predictions: Juventus and Barcelona qualify, Sporting goes to Europa League




Group E

Spartak Moscow, Seville, Liverpool, Maribor

I’m not crazy about this one. Every year we get that Champions League group that seems like a Europa League group. I’m not saying they’re not good teams but I’m not excited to see this group in action. It’s always nice to see Liverpool back in Champions League though. And they got lucky with this draw so I can see them winning this groups stage.

Predictions: Liverpool and Spartak qualify, Seville goes to Europa League

Group F

Shakthar Donetsk, Manchester City, Napoli, Feyenord

This may seem like a great draw for Manchester City but I can see them having trouble with these teams. Pep Guardiola’s team will have to be on top form if they want to get that first place. Eventually, I think they will qualify. Napoli is a team that will cause trouble to any opponent. But I predict that Shakthar will be a great surprise this year.

Feyenord will have a say in this group but has to perform at high level if they want to grab one of the three European Spots.

Predictions: Manchester City and Shakthar qualify, Napoli goes to Europa League

Group G

Monaco, Porto, Besiktas, RB Leipzig

This will be a very interesting group. Every team has a chance to qualify and even win the group as well as finishing in the fourth place. Monaco came from Pot 1 and are the current French Champions but they lost a lot of key players. Porto’s team didn’t make a single signing (apart from a Goalkeeper who will stand in the shadow of Casillas) but brought back great players, like Aboubakar, who were on loan.

Besiktas lost Aboubakar to Porto but have a great team and those games in Turkey are a nightmare to the other squads. Leipzig is another newcomer team but they had a great run last year finishing in the second position in the Bundesliga. Ultimately, I think that their inexperience in European Football will cause them some trouble.

Predictions: Monaco and Porto qualify, Besiktas goes to Europa League

Group H

Real Madrid, Dortmund, Tottenham, APOEL

Another hard group stage for the defending Champions but as always I can see them doing the job right and winning the first place.

Dortmund and Tottenham will fight for that sweet second place. Dortmund is a very Champions League experienced team and Tottenham keeps disappointing their fans with very poor European results. This year we can see that happen again.

Predictions: Real Madrid and Dortmund qualify, Tottenham goes to Europa League



Are you excited for this season’s Champions League? Do you agree with these predictions? Tell us in the comment section below.