Since our first post on Bullet Journal was so well-received, I decided to bring you something fun. If you’re waiting for September to get started on your new Bullet Journal, read on to get a few ideas of suggested pages to add. All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated.

Monthly Overview

The best thing about a Bullet Journal, when compared to a preprinted planner, is that you can create your pages from scratch and you don’t have to stick to weird calendar layout you don’t like. You can do this in a lot of different ways, like a numbered column, traditional calendar, horizontally, vertically… the list goes on!

Regardless of the layout, a Monthly Overview is essential to keep track of important events, appointments, deadlines and birthdays on that month. Don’t forget to leave some space for monthly goals ^_^ Here is mine before filling it in:

Bullet Journal: Monthly Overview
Bullet Journal: Monthly Overview

Habit Tracker

A Habit Tracker can also be incorporated in the Monthly Overview. But if you would like to track many things at once, like me, then dedicating a whole page to your tracker is the way to go. I’ve seen some people complaining about how sometimes they forget to fill it in, so make sure to add a daily reminder on your weekly/daily. A simple task “Fill in habit tracker” is enough 🙂

Bullet Journal: Monthly Habit Tracker, Mood Tracker
Bullet Journal: Monthly Habit Tracker, Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker

This is a great page to be creative with. Draw or print a nice image, divide it in 30/31 days (depending on how many days there is in the month) and color it in every day according to your mood. Of course, you will need to label different moods using different colors. But if you think that’s too much work, you can use a simple graph like I used in the previous image. I also incorporated my stress level and headache to this tracker and will be rating each one from 0 to 10. Who doesn’t love graphs?

Bullet Journal: Mood Tracker
Bullet Journal: Mood Tracker

Gratitude Log

A Gratitude Log is exactly what it sounds like: A list of things you are grateful for every single day. It may seem daunting at first, you may not find something to add to the list every day, but it gets easier with time, I promise. It can be something as simple as “My family” or as specific as “Work meeting went well”. At the end of the month, you will realize how much you have in life to be grateful for. It’s an excellent mind therapy 🙂

Finances Log

Tracking your finances on your journal is a fantastic way to know where is your money going. My finances log is very simple: A section to track how much I earn and spend in a week, another section with Bills, and finally a list of general expenses.

If you’re a freelancer and don’t have a fixed salary every month, a Daily Income page can be helpful too. I track my daily income using a simple graph. I use a straight line to set a daily goal, and this way it’s easy to see how well I’m doing that month. Having it side by side with my Expenses Tracker helps me to spend my money more wisely.

Bullet Journal: Finances Log and Daily Income
Bullet Journal: Finances Log and Daily Income Tracker


Also called “Brain Dump”, this is where you can jot down anything without worrying about the aesthetics. It’s a page to organize your brain. No need to write dozens of notes and stick them everywhere. You can use it to do that and reference it later when planning your weeks. Write a list of everything you need to get done as you remember them. You can use color coding to keep things more organized!

Bullet Journal: Brain Dump
Bullet Journal: Brain Dump

Weekly Spreads

Now you can break down your monthly overview into weeks and go from there. Basically, you will plan your whole month one week at a time. Leave some space to write daily tasks from Monday to Sunday and cross them off as you get things done.

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Do you use an essential page for your monthly setup that was left out of this list? Let me know in the comment section below 😀