Who doesn’t like cats? You might even say you’re a dog person but I bet you will have a good laugh with these hilarious cats sitting in weird and funny positions. Just because we can never have enough cat pictures to brighten up our day!

1. Behold the mighty king3

2. “They asked for a fire extinguisher, not a firefighter!”2

3. “Look at my muscles!”4

4. “Did you just say food?”6

5. The most chilled out cat you’ll ever see


6. “Don’t mind me, I’ll just be here plotting my next crime”7

7. The classic “If I fits, I sits”


8. When you have too much thinking to do and not enough motivation


9. “Maybe if I behave they will give me those extra snacks I saw earlier”


10. “Monday mornings be like”


11. When you’re actually trying to make an effort and pay attention


12. I’d sleep with one eye open if my cat looked at me like that14

13. When someone says you’re fat but you don’t care15

14. “Am I doing this right?!”16

15. Liquid cat17

Which one is your favorite? 🙂